The format of print magazines defines your target audience. Print is tangible, trustworthy, calming and traditional. There is something comfortable about holding printed paper that doesn’t glow on a screen. Maybe because it is traditional, or maybe because it feels good to actually touch and feel something when we are trying to relate as we read words or view images.

Yes, print is not dead; it has only taken on a different niche, although not exactly a different genre. The internet may be a new place where we read pop culture articles and find ads, but magazines still remain as a reliable source of information, entertainment, and will definitely remain as that for many years to come.

Over time magazines have created an identity and status that will always be associated with reliability. With the saturation of countless popups and ad banners over the web, print media provides a sense of distinction, as it does not have the overwhelming amount of clutter on it that you usually find on websites.

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